Covers & Cover Art

Action 53 Vol. 3:
Revenge of the Twins

2017 (NES, Famicom)

Had a lot of fun incorporating elements from each of the compilation's 23 titles into the illustration, as customers, workers, or objects in a 90s-style family arcade setting. After a very similarly themed commission piece fell through, I funneled the energy into this, beginning my affilliation with the Action 53 project.

Action 53 Vol. 4:
Actually 54

2020, 2023 (NES)

Inspired by the limited palette of Hwatu / Hanafuda cards and my love of printmaking, the 54 games represented are spread across the front, back, and spines, in order of in-game menu.

The Cowlitz Gamers Adventure

2016 (NES)

The Cowlitz Gamers' 2nd Adventure

2017 (NES)

The Cowlitz Gamers' Lost Adventure

2020 (web)

Gruniożerca 2

2018 (NES)

Gruniożerca 3

2019 (NES, Pegasus)

The Gruniożerca Trilogy

2022 (NES)

Project Blue

2020 (NES)

Requested to produce something "like my Pyronaut cover", went with this similar stance, but with a 


2013  (NES, unreleased)

At the time, I was in the process of redesigning existing sprite art for Chris Lincoln's sci-fi action adventure title. Had a whole lot of fun illustrating the protagonist and space critters with this level of detail. Inspirations include David Aja's Hawkeye covers and the Tom Cruise flick, Oblivion.

A crew of pyronauts at work; from the game's introduction.

Swords & Runes

2014 (NES)

An alternative approach to the RPG genre for the NES. My cover is a detailed re-envisioning of the game's minimalistic, almost ascii-esque, graphics. Inspired by the character portraits of D&D campaigns.

In-game icons for the player's team.; in-game graphics by user.
Map illustrated for the Limited Edition release.