Project Blue

Project Blue is a cyberpunk action platformer developed for the NES by Donny Philips (aka toggle_switch) and Ellen Larsson (aka FrankenGraphics). Below focuses on my contributions to the project. 

Cover Art


In the game, you control Blue, an unwitting test subject who must escape the clutches of a shady conglomerate.

The game had a successful Kickstarter campaign, so I was lucky enough to have produced the following for the campaign and its subsequent releases:

Game Manual
Prequel Comic
(Japanese translation by First Press Games)
NES Release
Broke Studio (Int'l shipping)
Big Cartel (US shipping)
Famicom Release
First Press Games

Soundtrack (Vinyl)
Ship to Shore Media
(sold out, but available elsewhere)
Foil LE cover mock-up
Enamel Pin
Omnibot Spot Illustration