The NESDev Weekly Graphics Challenge

The NESDev Weekly Graphics Challenge is a structured series of graphics prompts designed by myself and Ellen Larsson, to give artists practical experience working within NES limitations. 

Season One ran during the first quarter of 2022, and is designed to provide a participant with the vast bulk of graphics assets necessary for making a basic platformer game, ala Loderunner, Layla, or Super Mario Bros.

It debuted on the NesDev Discord Server, and as such assumes basic understanding of NES graphics structure (such as palette and sprite/tile restrictions). However, if you'd like a primer on that structure, this series from Bit Ink Studios is top notch.

Week One: An Air Baddie
"Now that we have a proper baddie, let's give it a place to live…"
"First we birthed a baddie, then we gave it a home. Now, let's blast it outta the sky…"
"Ne'er-do-wells rarely travel alone…"
"With a few sprites under our belt, let's tackle the most important one…"
Get 'em movin…
"What are they climbing? Check back to Week 2…"
"So your game can really say something."
"No better time to start layering sprite and background tiles…"
"Bring it  all together…"
"And our pièce de résistance…"